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At Book Publishing Pros, we offer a wide range of book publishing services to ensure your work not only reaches but also resonates with your audience. Whether you are a new writer or an experienced author, our services are designed to assist you in pointing the complexities of the publishing world. Here’s a closer look at what we offer:

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Self-publishing allows you full control over the publishing process, making it an attractive option for many authors. At Book Publishing Pros, we equip you with the tools and guidance to self-publish. We support you from initial manuscript submission to book distribution at every step. This service ensures your book is available on major platforms like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and more, helping you reach a wide audience without the need for traditional publishing intermediaries.

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Our proofreading services are essential for polishing your manuscript. Our experienced proofreaders scrutinize your text for grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, and other inconsistencies that can detract from your book’s readability and professionalism. This meticulous process helps to ensure that the final product is error-free, providing your readers with a smooth and enjoyable reading experience.

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Copy Editing

Copy editing goes beyond simple proofreading to improve your text's style, formatting, accuracy, and coherence. Our skilled copy editors work closely with you to refine your voice, smooth out awkward phrasing, and ensure clarity of expression. This service is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your content and ensuring that it communicates your ideas effectively and professionally.

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Book Cover Design

The book cover is often the first thing a potential reader notices. Our creative team designs captivating, genre-specific book covers that grab attention and intrigue readers. We collaborate with you to create an aesthetically pleasing visual representation of your book’s content that aligns with market trends and reader expectations.

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Illustrations play a vital role in storytelling for many books, especially children’s books and graphic novels. Our talented illustrators can create beautiful, custom illustrations that complement your narrative and enhance the reader's experience. Whether you need detailed chapter headers, unique characters, or vibrant scenes, our illustrations will make your book stand out.

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Reach Readers Everywhere with Our Global Distribution

At Book Publishing Pros, we understand the importance of broadening your audience. That's why our global distribution network is meticulously designed to place your book on the most prestigious platforms around the world. Utilizing Amazon Publishing, we make your work available globally in print and digital formats. Our collaboration with Lulu Publishing provides additional print options perfect for personalized, small-scale distribution.

We also tap into the eBook market through Kobo Publishing, which offers extensive reach in international territories, ensuring your book is accessible to a global audience. Barnes and Noble Publishing further amplify your presence as one of the largest retail booksellers in the United States, both in-store and online.

Lastly, Kindle Publishing leverages the vast Amazon ecosystem to maximize your book’s visibility and sales potential in the thriving eBook market. With Book Publishing Pros, your work transcends boundaries, allowing you to connect with readers no matter where they are in the world.

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We have successfully completed many projects of varying scope and magnitudes. Our clients range from working professionals, and industry experts to small and large scale corporations. Below are a few books that we have written and published for our clients:

End-to-End Solutions for Every Author

Whether you're interested in self-publishing a book or utilizing traditional routes, we provide various options to suit your needs. Our robust partnerships with major platforms like Amazon Publishing, Lulu Publishing, and Barnes and Noble Publishing ensure your book reaches the widest possible audience. Each platform offers unique advantages, from Amazon's vast reach to Lulu's specialized custom prints, allowing you to choose the best path for your book.

We cater to both digital and print preferences. Kindle Publishing and Kobo Publishing are ideal for authors who wish to target the e-reader audience, maximizing your book's digital presence. Meanwhile, our print services through Amazon, Lulu, and Barnes and Noble ensure that your book is available physically, reaching readers who prefer traditional reading experiences.

Our end-to-end solutions include more than listing your book on various platforms. We provide a complete support system throughout the publishing process, including professional editing, book design, marketing, and distribution strategies. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that every phase of your project is handled with expertise, making the journey from manuscript to published book as smooth and successful as possible.

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One of our Authors, Keli Kane gave us a shout-out in a recent podcast that she appeared on to promote her Book and website (Time Stamp: 19:00)

Musing with Tonya Dee Podcast: Holistic Sha'Medium

#734 - How a Physical Initiation Transformed into Gift and Purpose

We have also designed her Author Website :

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our book publishing services.

At Book Publishing Pros, we offer a comprehensive range of book publishing services catering to new and experienced authors. Our services include professional editing, cover design, illustrations, marketing, and global distribution. We support various publishing platforms such as Amazon Publishing, Lulu Publishing, Kobo Publishing, Barnes and Noble Publishing, and Kindle Publishing, providing a holistic approach to publishing a book.

Self publishing a book with us is a straightforward and empowering process. We provide all the necessary tools and guidance from manuscript preparation to book distribution. Our team assists with formatting, cover design, and setting up your book on major platforms like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. We ensure that you retain full control and rights to your work, making self-publishing both accessible and rewarding.

Absolutely! Our book publishing company specializes in multi-platform publishing. We can place your book on several platforms, including Amazon, Lulu, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and through Kindle Direct Publishing. This multi-platform strategy enhances your book’s visibility and availability, reaching a wider audience across different reading preferences and geographical locations.

Partnering with a book publishing company like ours offers numerous benefits. We provide end-to-end solutions, from detailed editorial services to robust marketing strategies. Our experienced team ensures quality at every stage, significantly easing your publishing burden. Additionally, our established distribution networks enhance your book’s reach and potential for success in a competitive market.

Amazon publishing is a key component of our distribution strategy, providing a vast audience and great potential for sales. We handle the entire process, from setting up your Amazon account and formatting your book to meet Amazon’s specifications to managing sales and reviews. Our team ensures your book is optimized for the best possible presentation on Amazon, including print and Kindle formats, to maximize your reach and reader engagement.

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